From the Beginning

It all started with a young girl, the open West and love for horses. That hasn't changed; and expanded into wildlife. They communicate so much by saying's extradordinary. A certain respect comes with the especially large animals, they're so majestic. Everytime I start a sketch and see -on any animal, how the angles of the nose line up with the corner of their eyes - how those lines sync perfectly to the corner of their leaves you speechless and just reflecting on their perfect design and beauty. 

I spent early years in film/animation industry & fell in love with the camera and how powerful it is to truly see the story. Desiring this personal insight, I merged this technique onto the canvas so we can be right there with them. Action shots, extreme close-ups, contemporary cropping, widescreen- capturing them in this way brings them to life unlike any other. I work in two mediums: Resin & Oil Painting

"What seperates Deborah's work from others'- is that her animals are alive!"

-Guenther Riess